I had always wanted a truck and in the winter of 2019 I finally had saved enough money for one. 4 yrs of hard work at a warehouse and I had done it!

Well, That truck came with a plow attached to it, a dealership special.

And hallelujah! That winter we got ALOT of snow. I plowed away every storm with that truck and it paid off. By winters end I had made more money from plowing than I did at my full time job!

I was hooked on that feeling of accomplishment and making money on my own. The warehouse I was working at started to look more like a jail cell than a job!

BUT leaving would be a struggle. I had just bought my first home and had 2 children with a 3rd on the way. Bills were tight and our savings were low.

SO? I did what any sensible 26 yr old would do and went on an unpaid leave, YIKES!!

 I was ready to take a risk for a brighter future that week I bought a dump trailer, registered as a business and we were up and running.

It was a bumpy ride but I quickly got my name out and got to work!  Time passed, business grew, cleanouts, evictions, trash and junk became a familiar site…

We eventually found our way to Florida.

 That became a 3 yr stay.  The sunshine and hot weather, we felt a world away from New Hampshire.  I ran my business and continued on, even serving the community in the toughest of times (thank you Hurricane Ian).

Life went on but something was missing. The saying “home is where the heart is” held true to us.  Family called us back and we knew it was time to return to the Granite State.

NOW a little bit wiser and a lot more tan. I still hold onto that never quit attitude!

 God is good and the adventure continues. I’m glad to help out and serve anyone who needs a hand, All-Out Junk Removal is ‘All-In’ for you!